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I highly recommend! Robin Reynolds, Nov 2023, Google.

Best most therapeutic massage I’ve ever had! Gene Anne Kulseth, Oct. 2023, Google.

I have told my friends about the great experience. Angie M., Oct 2023, MassageBook.

You will never be sorry! Sharlene is top notch!!! Sharon H., Oct 2023, MassageBook.

I feel so great after getting a massage! Anonymous, Sept 2023, MassageBook.

Sharlene is THE best!!! Always a wonderful experience! April F., Sept 2023, MassageBook.

Great massage !! Anonymous, Sept 2023, MassageBook.

I always leave feeling refreshed. Anonymous, Sept 2023, MassageBook.

Sharlene fit me in while I was on a long road trip and gave me a very focused massage on exactly what I needed to get driving again in comfort. She is very experienced and sweet to talk to. Ali Rawaf, Aug 2023, Google.

I tell all my friends that Sharlene is the best!! She goes above and beyond to help you feel better! Melissa M., Aug 2023, MassageBook.

She does a good job Nancy S., Aug 2023, MassageBook.

Amazing job my neck feels so wonderful. I will be booking again for sur3. Sheri R., Aug 2023, MassageBook.

Definitely worth it! Anonymous, July 2023, MassageBook.

This was my first massage with Sharon. Totally relaxed my upper back which was so tight. I'll be back soon! Diane P., July 2023, MassageBook.

This was one of the best massages I've had. No matter the spot that was being worked over she adjusted to what was needed. It wasn't just a single type of pressure used. Matthew Lynch, July 2023, Google.


Definitely! Anonymous, May 2023, MassageBook.

I would recommend her to everyone. She does a great job. Marcus F., May 2023, MassageBook.

Left feeling very refreshed! Amazing massage! Anonymous, May 2023, MassageBook.

Amazing! Anonymous, May 2023, MassageBook.

Book an appointment today! Stephi F., May 2023, MassageBook.

Good massage…………………thanks. Anonymous, April 2023, MassageBook.

I am recommending you to my family I had an awesome massage! Val I., April 2023, MassageBook.

Sharlene is awesome! I leave feeling so much better every time! Thank You Shar. CarolAnn K., April 2023, MassageBook.

Definitely. Anonymous, April 2023, MassageBook.

We are so blessed to have Sharlene in Bowman. She is just excellent! Anonymous, April 2023, MassageBook.

Excellent. Anonymous, March 2023, MassageBook.

I would highly recommend Legendary Massage Therapy. Very professional and she really helped me. I will go back.

Anonymous, March 2023, MassageBook.

What an amazing experience. I have never felt so relaxed. Anonymous, March 2023, MassageBook.

Always a wonderful experience! Anonymous, March 2023, MassageBook.

Healing experience. Pam N., March 2023, MassageBook.

Amazing highly recommend. Anonymous, Feb 2023, MassageBook.

She really found the spot that needed working. I already can't wait to go back! Anonymous, Feb 2023, MassageBook.

Great therapy, welcoming & peaceful environment. Tina M., Feb 2023, MassageBook.

Sharlene was Amazing!! Shelly S., Feb 2023, MassageBook.

Sharlene is amazing!! I feel like a new woman after I walk out of there! Highly recommend her! Courtney S., Feb 2023, MassageBook.

She fit me in after a long day, and did a great job. I finally felt some relief. Anonymous, Feb 2023, MassageBook.

It was great. My muscles feel good. And very relaxing. Anonymous, Feb 2023, MassageBook.

Sharlene is top notch. She helped release muscle tension that I have had for 32 years! She gave me the hope that I haven't had for a very long time. My body has been trying to heal for most of my life and now I know I have the capacity to heal. Candy M., Feb 2023, MassageBook.

She really helped me out!! Anonymous, Feb 2023, MassageBook.

I always recommend you when visiting with someone in need of a massage. You are super good at what you do!! Peggy L., Jan 2023, MassageBook.

Sharlene offers many options for your individual needs. She is very professional and I always walk away feeling so much better. Lana B., Jan 2023, MassageBook.

Sharlene is a highly skilled and competent therapist. She provided medical massage that relieved the pain in my neck and shoulder and increased range of motion. I recommend Sharlene / Legendary Massage without reservation. Kay R., Jan 2023, MassageBook.

Definitely!! She deserves a raise! I have carpal tunnel and although it’s not instant 100% recovery in any single session, I can definitely tell we are making progress. And she’s not a huge “small talk” chatterbox like most massage therapists I’ve had; she feels REAL and allows me quiet. And she is extremely good at what she does!! Anonymous, Jan 2023, MassageBook.

Sharlene is very professional. Great atmosphere. The deep tissue massages have helped me greatly. I look forward to each session. A great 'gift' to self! Nancy T., Jan 2023. MassageBook.


Charm. Anonymous, Dec 2022, MassageBook.

It was amazing. Anonymous, Dec 2022, MassageBook.

Definitely will recommend!! Thank you!! Anonymous, Dec 2022, MassageBook.

This was one of those “ hurts so good” massage. Class act lady. Anonymous, Nov 2022, MassageBook.

Make a appointment ASAP! I have always done a traditional massage, this last time I had something called tiuna. OMG. AWSOME . Anonymous, Nov 2022, MassageBook.

Perfect!! Anonymous, Nov 2022, MassageBook.

Absolutely! I have already recommended Charlene to my daughter. Thank you so much! Julie L., Nov 2022, MassageBook.

Best massage EVER! She really “dug” into my problem areas and I left feeling amazing! Anonymous, Oct 2022, MassageBook.

Amazing Tressa D., Oct 2022, MassageBook.

Excellent practitioner! Highly recommend! Anonymous, Oct 2022, MassageBook.

It was a great massage. Debra S., Sep 2022, MassageBook.

Thank you so much! I have truly noticed an improvement in my pain. Anonymous, Sep 2022, MassageBook.

Yes. Deanna C., Sep 2022, MassageBook.

Very knowledgeable. Clean and relaxing office. Chenyi H., Sep 2022, MassageBook.

Sharlene is wonderful at her job! She provides a relaxing but effective massage that leaves you feeling great. I would definitely recommend her to a friend! Megan B., Aug 2022, MassageBook.

I always feel so much better after my massage. It’s a very relaxing and great experience that I look forward to receiving. Anonymous, Aug 2022, MassageBook.

I did the Sports Massage and it was amazing! Sophia H., Aug 2022, MassageBook.

Fabulous experience! Very clean. Anonymous, Aug 2022, MassageBook.

Sharlene is THE BEST! I always get a great massage !! Melissa M., Aug 2022, MassageBook.

Sharlene is very professional. One of the Best I’ve had! I would totally recommend her. She got me in when I was very miserable. Crystal E., Aug 2022, MassageBook.


My massage was the best I've ever had! Would recommend to any family member or friend. Will be returning on a regular basis! Michell F., Jul 2022, MassageBook.

Best massage I've ever had, would definitely recommend to everyone. Anonymous, Jul 2022, MassageBook.

I would highly recommend Sharlene, she does a wonderful job!! April F., Jul 2022, MassageBook.

Very good, I had many tight spots and walked away feeling much better. Harry W., Jul 2022, MassageBook.

Yes. Gary B., Jul 2022, MassageBook.

Just Amazing! Anonymous, Jul 2022, MassageBook.

I would refer Sharlene to everyone ! She is very a very professional and knowledgeable therapist. Thank you!! Anonymous, Jun 2022, MassageBook.

Completely Speechless! Highly Recommend Going To See Sharlene- Completely Satisfied. Benjamin V., June 2022, Google.

"So thankful and so very happy with my massage I received yesterday!! I can't wait until my next appointment!!! You are Amazing!!" Shelly S., June 2022, Google.

Sharlene did a great job! Looking forward to my next appointment! Anonymous, June 2022, MassageBook.

Shar is obviously very experienced and understands anatomy. She is professional and takes the time to get to know you to give you the best experience! Jen J., June 2022, MassageBook.

That if you want an amazing massage with a true professional, make an appt with Shar! Annette K., June 2022, MassageBook.

Yes. Lanna K., June 2022, MassageBook.

Sharlene is very professional and does a great job. Anonymous, June 2022, MassageBook.

The best massage I've ever had very professional!! Ryan F., May 2022, Facebook.

Just what I needed she really listened to my needs. Chris P., May 2022, MassageBook.

Amazing! Anonymous, May 2022, MassageBook.

Great massage and wonderful place to go relax! Melissa B., April 2022, MassageBook.

Sharlene is a master of her craft! Highly recommended! Sharon H., April 2022, MassageBook.

Wonderful massage! The building is clean and relaxing. Melissa B., April 2022, Facebook.


Massage was very good. Tried some of the different types and techniques, all were good! Anonymous, March 2022, MassageBook.

Best massage I've ever had. Anonymous, March 2022, MassageBook.

I had a wonderful massage! Sharlene was awesome! Will return for another! Anonymous, March 2022, MassageBook.

Sharlene takes the time to listen to your needs and then focuses on the areas with great skill and care. Highly recommend Sharlene. Dan P., March 2022, MassageBook.

Yes. CarolAnn K., March 2022, MassageBook.

Sharlene is very knowledgeable and thorough. Very relaxing, clean massage area. I only wish I would have booked more appointments ahead of time. Can’t wait to return next month. Definitely worth the wait. Misty F., March 2022, MassageBook.

Great massage!! Stacy Chadwick, March 2022, Google.

Highly recommend Sharlene, she does a great job. I had the Asian Bodyworks massage for the first time, she work on all the tight muscles and stretched everything out. I feel great! Anonymous, Feb 2022, MassageBook.

I have told my friends Sharlene is the best and her massage technique is just what my body needed ! Anonymous, Feb 2022, MassageBook.

Absolutely amazing! Relaxing and feel great after. Amie K. Feb 2022, MassageBook.

Best massage I have ever had ! Jesse S. Feb 2022, MassageBook.

Don’t wait. Anonymous, Feb 2022, MassageBook.

Fantastic experience! Easy to book and a very relaxing environment. Rachel A., Jan 2022, Facebook.

Very good! Just what my sore boby needed. Anonymous, Jan 2022, MassageBook.

I came in for prenatal massage. This was an absolutely amazing experience. Calming environment, I felt completely relaxed. Sharlene is very good at what she does. I can't wait until my next appointment! Anonymous, Jan 2022, MassageBook.

Does an amazing job, she takes her time and works every part of your body and her message room is vary nice and peaceful. Just all around good experience and I will definitely be going back. Anonymous, Jan 2022, MassageBook.

Great Massage! Connie K. Jan 2022, MassageBook.

This was the best massage I've ever had! I walked in stressed and exhausted-- after a 60 minute massage I left feeling refreshed and tension free! Bestest part--- the table is HEATED!! Cathryn H. Jan 2022, MassageBook.

I felt awesome afterwards.......... Didn't do much all last Saturday though! :) Juanita A. Jan 2022, MassageBook.

Great deep massage. Anonymous, Jan 2022, MassageBook.

Very relaxing atmosphere and a fantastic experience overall! Anonymous, Jan 2022, MassageBook.

First time massage there and it was wonderful! Anonymous. Jan 2022, MassageBook.

It’s was a great experience. My back needed the massage. John K. Jan 2022, MassageBook.

A wonderful experience!! Highly recommend! Jennifer W. Jan 2022, MassageBook.

The best massage I've ever had! Very relaxing and comfortable. Sharlene is amazingly talented and professional. I would recommend Legendary Massage to anyone and everyone. Anonymous, Jan 2022, MassageBook.


Very educational. Shows you how to do certain things at home. The settings relaxing because it's 1 room. You don't hear people in the other room. Matthew L., Dec 2021, MassageBook

.Highly recommend!!! Anonymous, Dec 2021, MassageBook.

Great experience and felt extreme amount of relief. Melinda P., Dec 2021, MassageBook.

Incredible massage, both therapeutic & relaxing. The hot towels & scalp massage were icing on the cake! Anonymous, Dec 2021, MassageBook.

I can lift my arms again! Anonymous, Dec 2021, MassageBook.

Best Massage ever!!! Abby S., Dec 2021, MassageBook.

Sharlene is amazing! Anonymous, Dec 2021, MassageBook.

Deep tissue massage was amazing. She found sore spots that I didn't know I had. Anonymous, Dec 2021, MassageBook.

The most amazing full body massage I have ever had! Relaxing, peaceful atmosphere. Will definitely be going back. Amie Kalina, Dec 2021, Google.

I chose the 60 minute full body massage and was not disappointed. Sharlene made me feel comfortable and paid special attention to the spots that needed it most. My only regret is not booking a longer massage! I’m looking forward to going back. Taylor Krebsbach, Dec 2021, Google.

I would highly recommend going to see Sharlene. She listens to your needs and does an excellent job. I have gone to many places in North Dakota for massages for my specific needs and this by far is the best one I received. I chose the 90 minute full body massage and I was not disappointed at all. Mandy Soehren, Dec 2021, Google.

THE BEST massage I’ve had in a long time! I would recommend Sharlene 100 times over!! So much so that I have already booked two more appointments to make sure I can get in!! Thanks Sharlene.... I feel great!! Melissa Mutschelknaus, Dec 2021, Facebook.

This was a wonderful experience. Best massage I’ve ever had. Looking forward to the next one. Love being able to schedule online, seeing available dates and times that suit my schedule. Cheryl A Holmen, Dec 2021, Facebook.

Great service. Love the flexible days and hours for appointments. This really helps those that work. I had this massage and it was wonderful. Connie Gaebe, Dec 2021, Facebook.

I just had the most amazing hour massage. I can’t wait to go back in two weeks for another one . She was so sweet and I feel so much better. Highly recommend. Courtney Rachel Swanson, Dec 2021, Facebook.

would highly recommend Sharlene. She is very well educated in her field and puts her customer at ease. Am looking forward to my next visit! Denise F. Dec 2021, MassageBook.

Sharlene was very knowledgeable and took the time to find out what I needed. Excellent massage experience. Will definitely go back. Lana B., Dec 2021, MassageBook.

She was great! I can’t wait to go back in 2 weeks!! Courtney S., Dec 2021, MassageBook.

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